HBSE Class 10th English Sample Paper 2024 Answer

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HBSE Class 10th English Sample / Model Paper 2024 Answer

Class – 10th               Subject – English
Time : 3 Hours            Maximum Marks : 80

General Instructions :
(i) The Question Paper contains four Sections – A, B, C and D.
(ii) The Section – A (Reading Skills) carry 20 Marks, Section – B (Grammar) carry 10 Marks, Section – C (Writing Skills) carry 10 Marks, and Section – D (Literature) carry 40 Marks.
(iii) Attempt questions based on specific instructions for each part.

SECTION – A (Reading Skills) – 20 Marks

1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow : (10 × 1 = 10 Marks)
The Amazon is the world’s largest tropical rainforest. It covers an area of nearly 2.8 million square miles, which is nearly the size of the continent of Australia. The Amazon rainforest gets its life from the majestic Amazon river, the world’s second largest river, which runs directly through the heart of the region. The rainforest itself is simply the drainage basin for the river and its many tributaries. The vast forest itself consists of four layers, each featuring its own ecosystems and specially adapted plants and animals.
The forest floor is the lowest region. Since only two per cent of the sunlight filters through the top layers to the understorey, very few plants grow here. The forest floor, however, is rich with rotting vegetation and the bodies of dead organisms which are quickly broken down into nutrients and decomposers such as millipedes and earthworms use these nutrients for food.
The understorey is the layer above the forest floor. Much like the forest floor, only about 2-5 per cent of the sunlight reaches this shadowy realm. Many of the plants in the understorey have large, broad leaves to collect as much sunlight as possible. The understorey is so thick that there is very little air movement. As a result, plants rely on insects and animals to pollinate their flowers.
The layer above the understorey is the canopy. This is where much of the action in the rainforest occur. Many canopy leaves have specially adapted leaves which form “drip tips”. Drip tips allow water to flow off the leaves. The canopy leaves are very dense and filter about 80 per cent of the sunlight. The canopy is where the wealth of the rainforest’s fruits and flowers grow. Bromeliads, cuplike plants, provide drinking pools for animals and breeding locations for tree frogs.
Questions :
(i) How much area is covered by the Amazon rainforest ?
(a) About 3.8 million square miles
(b) About 2.8 million square miles
(c) About 4.8 square miles
(d) About 1.8 million square miles
Answer – (b) About 2.8 million square miles

(ii) ………… is the world’s second largest river.
(a) The Thames
(b) The Nile
(c) The Amazon
(d) The Brahmaputra
Answer – (c) The Amazon

(iii) The Amazon rainforest is simply the …………. for the river.
(a) Drainage basin
(b) Catchment area
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) Neither (a) nor (b)
Answer – (a) Drainage basin

(iv) How much sunlight is received by the understorey of the rainforest ?
(a) About 3-5 per cent
(b) About 2 per cent
(c) About 2-5 per cent
(d) About 2-4 per cent
Answer – (c) About 2-5 per cent

(v) Bromeliads which are ………….. provide drinking pools for animals and breeding locations for tree frogs.
(a) Cup-shaped pits
(b) Open spaces
(c) Water points
(d) Cuplike plants
Answer – (d) Cuplike plants

(vi) How many layers does the vast forest consist of ?
Answer – The vast forest consists of four layers.

(vii) Why is there very little air movement in the understorey ?
Answer – There is very little air movement in the understorey because it is very thick.

(viii) What is a canopy ?
Answer – The layer above the understorey is the canopy.

(ix) What is the food for millipedes and earth worms ?
Answer – Nutrients from rotting vegetation and bodies of dead organisms.

(x) What will be the suitable title for this passage ?
Answer – The Amazon : The World’s Largest Tropical Rainforest

2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow : (10 × 1 = 10 Marks)
Water is being used as if it is a never-ending source. Obviously, we cannot decide how much rain we will get, nor can we predict to a good degree of accuracy when rain would occur. The only thing we can do to save ourselves from the dangerous situation of “lack of water to drink while we are thirsty” is to conserve water.
Let us ask ourselves how much water is wasted when we brush our teeth due to the non-stop flow from the tap, Water is wasted while washing clothes, cleaning dishes and flushing the toilet. Most of us know about these things but realizing it and taking remedial steps is crucial. We can impart the message of conservation to our children in school so that the younger generation today will become responsible citizens of tomorrow.
All of us can conserve at least a bucket of water everyday by using the scarce resource prudently. Please remember, a bucket of water saved by every individual everyday in our country of billion-plus means enormous.
We may become richer if we have a lot of gold reserves, but we will die if we don’t have water. In India, where agriculture is the primary occupation for many people, water conservation is a must.
Questions :
(i) What is difficult to predict ?
Answer – Accurate timing and amount of rain.

(ii) Which hazardous situation we may face in future ?
Answer – We won’t get enough drinking water.

(iii) What can be done to make the younger generation responsible citizens of tomorrow ?
Answer – By teaching them the message of water conservation in school.

(iv) What is the only solution to the crisis of water ?
Answer – Water conservation

(v) Why is water more precious than gold ?
Answer – We can live without gold but not without water.

(vi) Water is being used as if …………..
(a) It is a holy source.
(b) It can be recycled.
(c) It will always be available.
(d) It will never be available in future.
Answer – (c) It will always be available.

(vii) Which of the following is not mentioned in paragraph two among the examples of water wastage ?
(a) flushing the toilet
(b) washing clothes
(c) cleaning dishes
(d) washing cars
Answer – (d) washing cars

(viii) What is the primary occupation for many people in India ?
(a) fishing
(b) agriculture
(c) swimming
(d) cycling
Answer – (b) agriculture

(ix) What message does the passage convey ?
(a) Save Trees
(b) Save Girl Child
(c) Save Nature
(d) Save Water
Answer – (d) Save Water

(x) What does the word ‘prudently’ mean ?
(a) effectively
(b) greatly
(c) rudely
(d) carefully
Answer – (d) carefully

SECTION – B (Grammar) – 10 Marks

3. Attempt any ten sentences from the given items. (10 × 1 = 10 Marks)
A. Fill in the blanks with correct form of the verb.
(i) She ……….. (go) to temple everyday.
(a) go
(b) goes
(c) is going
(d) has been going
Answer – (b) goes

(ii) We ……….. (wait) for the school bus at the moment.
(a) waits
(b) is waiting
(c) are waiting
(d) have waited
Answer – (c) are waiting

B. Fill in the blanks with correct article.
(iii) He is ……….. M. L. A.
(a) the
(b) an
(c) a
(d) No article
Answer – (b) an

(iv) …………. Man is mortal.
(a) The
(b) A
(c) an
(d) No article
Answer – (d) No article

C. Punctuate the following sentences :
(v) dr anu said why are you beating rajesh
(a) Dr. Anu said, “Why are you beating Rajesh?”
(b) Dr Anu said, “why are you beating Rajesh!”
(c) Dr Anu said, “Why are you beating rajesh.”
(d) None of these
Answer – (a) Dr. Anu said, “Why are you beating Rajesh?”

(vi) we went to agra on friday
(a) We went to agra on Friday
(b) We went to Agra on friday
(c) We went to Agra on Friday ?
(d) We went to Agra on Friday.
Answer – (d) We went to Agra on Friday.

D. Change the following sentences into indirect speech :
(vii) The teacher said to me, “Don’t go there.”
(a) The teacher forbade me to go there.
(b) The teacher asked me not to go there.
(c) The teacher ordered me not to go there.
(d) All of these
Answer – (d) All of these

(viii) My father said, “Union is strength.”
(a) My father said that union was strength.
(b) My father said if union is strength.
(c) My father said that union is strength.
(d) My father exclaimed with sorrow that union is strength.
Answer – (c) My father said that union is strength.

E. Fill in the blanks with suitable modals.
(ix) He ran fast so that he ………… catch the bus.
(a) may
(b) might
(c) will
(d) would
Answer – (b) might

(x) I ……….. swim when I was young.
(a) can
(b) may
(c) need
(d) could
Answer – (d) could

F. Fill in the blanks with correct non finite form of the verb.
(xi) The signboard said, “No ……….. .” (park)
(a) park
(b) parking
(c) parked
(d) to park
Answer – (b) parking

(xii) We were made ……….. (paint) the wall.
(a) painting
(b) to paint
(c) painted
(d) paint
Answer – (b) to paint

SECTION – C (Writing Skills) – 10 Marks

4. Attempt any one of the following : (5 Marks)
(i) Write an application to the librarian of your school, requesting him to remit the fine for returning the books late. You are Aarush/Arshita, student of 10th A class of R.M.S. Sr. Sec. School, Ambala.
Answer –
The Librarian
R.M.S. Sr. Sec. School
Subject : Request to remit fine for returning books late
Respected Sir/Madam
I am Aarush/Arshita, a student of class 10th A of your school. I am writing to you today to request you to remit the fine for returning the books late.
I borrowed 3 books from the library on 20th August 2023. I was supposed to return the books on 30th August 2023, but I was unable to do so due to some unforeseen circumstances. I had to go to my grandmother’s house for a week. A fine of Rs.200 has been imposed on me. I request you to kindly remit the fine considering my genuine circumstances.
I am a regular library user and I have always returned the books on time. This is the first time that I have been late in returning the books. I promise that it will not happen again.
I hope you will consider my request.
Thanking you.
Yours obediently
1st September 2023

(ii) Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the polluted water supply in your area.
Answer –
463, Sector 15
1st July 2023

The Editor
The Tribune

Subject : Polluted Water Supply in Sector 15
I am writing to express my concern about the polluted water supply in our area. For the past few months, the water coming out of our taps has been brown, smelly, and foul-tasting. I am worried about the health risks associated with drinking this contaminated water.
The residents of this locality have complained to the authorities many times. But no attention has been paid to this problem. I am writing to you in the hope that you will help to raise awareness of this issue.
Thanking you.
Yours sincerely

5. Attempt any one of the following : (5 Marks)
(i) Your school has organized a Blood Donation camp. Write a report about the camp for your school magazine.
Answer –

R.M.S. Sr. Sec. School
Blood Donation Camp
Report by

1st September 2023
Our school organized a blood donation camp on Saturday, 30 August 2023. The camp was held in the school auditorium from 9 am to 1 pm. The camp was organized by the school’s N.S.S.unit.
The camp was inaugurated by the chief guest, Mr. Suresh Kumar. In his speech, he highlighted the importance of blood donation and urged the students to donate blood regularly. A total of 150 students and teachers donated blood at the camp. The camp was a great success. The Principal honoured the blood donors with mementos and certificates.


(ii) You have been transferred to Mumbai and you want to sell your Hyundai car. Write a suitable advertisement for a newspaper.
Answer –


Available almost a new Hyundai Creta car(diesel) for sale. It is of white colour, model 2022, run 30,000 km, average 20 kilometer per liter, A.C., leather seat covers, Sony music system, power window, PUC, tubeless tyres, fully insured etc. Selling price – 500000/-. No bargaining! Interested parties can contact: 480, VIkas Nagar, Bhiwani.
Mob.- 98xxxxxx23
E.mail – abcxyz@gmail.com


SECTION – D (Literature) – 40 Marks

6. Do any one of the passages given below and answer the questions that follow : (5 × 1 = 5 Marks)
Immediately, Lencho went up to the window to ask for paper and ink. On the public writing table, he started to write with much wrinkling of his brow caused by the effort he had to make to express his ideas. When he finished, he went to the window to buy a stamp which he licked and then affixed to the envelope with a blow of his fist. The moment the letter fell into the mail box the postmaster went to open it. It said: “God: of the money that I asked for, only seventy pesos reached me. Send me the rest, since I need it very much. But don’t send it to me through the mail, because the post-office employees are a bunch of crooks… Lencho.”
(i) Why did Lencho go up to the window ?
Answer – to ask for paper and ink.

(ii) Which feeling of Lencho does the phrase ‘much wrinkling of his brow’ express ?
Answer – tension and anger.

(iii) How much money did Lencho find in the envelope ?
Answer – Seventy pesos.

(iv) Why did Lencho call the employees ‘a bunch of crooks’ ?
Answer – because he thought that the employees had cheated him.

(v) Name the chapter and its writer.
Answer : Name of chapter – A Letter to God, Name of writer – G. L. Fuentes


The second night Mijbil came on to my bed in the small hours and remained asleep in the crook of my knees until the servant brought tea in the morning, and during the day he began to lose his apathy and take a keen, much too keen, interest in his surroundings. I made a body-belt for him and took him on a lead to the bathroom, where for half an hour he went wild with joy in the water, plunging and rolling in it, shooting up and down the length of the bathtub underwater, and making enough slosh and splash for a hippo.
(i) Who was Mijbil ?
Answer – an otter.

(ii) Where did Mijbil sleep ?
Answer – in the crook of the writer’s knees.

(iii) What happened when Mijbil was taken to the bathroom ?
Answer – He went wild with joy.

(iv) What did the author make for Mijbil ?
Answer – a body belt.

(v) Name the lesson and its writer.
Answer : Name of Lesson – Mijbil the Otter, Name of Writer – Gavin Maxwell

7. Attempt any two questions : (2 × 3 = 6 Marks)
(i) What compelled the young seagull to take his first flight? (His First Flight)
Answer – The young seagull was too afraid to fly, but his hunger compelled him to take his first flight. When his mother came to him with a piece of fish in her beak, he could not resist the temptation. He dived at the fish, and in doing so, he finally took flight.

(ii) What is special about the diary of Anne Frank? (The Diary of Anne Frank).
Answer – Anne Frank has no true friend. She feels that paper has more patience than people. So she decides to keep a diary. She names her diary Kitty and records her feelings about her friends, parents, teachers and school days in the diary.

(iii) Where is Coorg situated? What is it famous for? (Coorg)
Answer – Coorg is the smallest district of Karnataka. It is known as Kodagu also. It lies between Mysore and the coastal town of Mangalore. It is famous for its coffee plantation, evergreen rainforests and spices.

(iv) Why does the conductor call Valli ‘madam’? (Madam Rides the Bus)
Answer – The conductor was a jolly man. He called Valli ‘madam’ because she behaved like a woman. She declined his help and quickly answered his questions. He was amused to see her self-confidence.

8. What does Nelson Mandela recall on the day of inauguration? (Nelson Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom) (6 Marks)
Answer – On the day of the inauguration, Nelson Mandela gets overwhelmed with a sense of history. He recalls that in the first decade of the 20th century, the white-skinned people made a system of racial domination against the dark-skinned people of their own land. It was one of the harshest and most inhumane system. It created a deep and lasting wound in the mind of the black people. But it was overturned in the last decade of the 20th century. It was replaced by a system that recognised the rights and freedoms of all peoples without any bias of colour, caste and creed. He recalls all those leaders who sacrificed their lives for the rights of the black people. He says that he is simply the sum of all those leaders. Those people taught him the meaning of courage. He takes a pledge to protect the rights and freedom of all people.


Why did the Buddha ask Kisa Gotami to bring a handful of mustard seeds? What message did he want to convey? (The Sermon at Benares)
Answer – Kisa Gotami lost her only son. She wanted some medicine to bring her son to life. A man suggested her to approach the Buddha. She went to him and requested him to make her son alive. The Buddha asked her to bring a handful of mustard seeds. But there was a condition. She must bring it from a house where no one had died. Kisa Gotami went from door to door to get the mustard seeds. The problem was that there were mustard seeds in every home. But she was unable to find a house where nobody had ever died. She felt very tired and sad. Then she realised the bitter truth of life. The Buddha wanted her to accept the inevitability of death.

9. Attempt any one from the given stanzas : (5 × 1 = 5 Marks)
Some say the world will end in fire
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favour fire.
(i) What is the poet’s opinion about the ending of the world ?
Answer – The poet thinks that fire of desires will end the world.

(ii) What do people think about the ending of the world ?
Answer – People think that fire or ice can ruin the world.

(iii) What is the rhyme scheme of the poem ?
Answer – abaa

(iv) Which word in the stanza means “agree”?
Answer – hold with

(v) Name the poet and the poem.
Answer : Name of Poet – Robert Frost, Name of Poem – Fire and ice


What is the boy now, who has lost his ball,
What, what is he to do? I saw it go
Merrily bouncing, down the street, and then
Merrily over- there it is in the water!
No use to say ‘O there are other balls’:
(i) From which poem has this stanza been taken ?
Answer – The Ball Poem

(ii) Why does the poet repeat the word ‘What’?
Answer – to show the desperate mental state of the boy.

(iii) Which feeling is expressed in the first line ?
Answer – The boy is confused and sad.

(iv) Where did the ball go ?
Answer – in the water.

(v) How was the ball bouncing ?
Answer – Merrily (happily)

10. Attempt any two of the following questions : (2 × 3 = 6 Marks)
(i) How would the tiger behave in the forest? (A Tiger in the Zoo)
Answer – The tiger would feel free in the natural habitat. He would slide through the long grass to hide himself from the view. He would wait near the source of water to kill the plump deer. He would show his white fangs and claws to the villagers and terrorise the whole village.

(ii) What does the poem tell us about Amanda? (Amanda!)
Answer – Amanda is a teenager. She lives in her own imaginative world. She does not pay any attention to the instructions given by her mother. She wants to be a mermaid, an orphan and Rapunzel. She yearns for freedom.

(iii) How does the fog come? (Fog)
Answer – The poet portrays the silent working of nature in the poem ‘Fog’. He says that the fog comes silently and slowly like a cat. It sits on its haunches and looks over the harbour. Then it moves on without making any sound.

(iv) How did Custard kill the pirate? (The Tale of Custard the Dragon)
Answer – Custard snorted like an engine. He struck the pirate with his tail. The pirate fired two bullets. But they did not hit Custard. Custard attacked him as a robin attacks a worm and swallowed him.

11. Answer any two of the following questions : (2 × 3 = 6 Marks)
(i) Why does Mrs. Pumphrey think the dog’s recovery is a triumph of surgery? (A Triumph of Surgery)
Answer – Mrs. Pumphrey was very much worried about her pet dog Tricki as he was seriously ill. He was taken to Mr Herriot’s surgery. Herriot gave Tricki no food for two days. He gave him a lot of exercises. He was transformed into a hard muscled animal. When Mrs Pumphrey saw him, she said, “This is a triumph of surgery.” In fact, she had no idea about Tricki’s ailment and treatment.

(ii) Describe Max as a secret agent. (The Midnight Visitor)
Answer – Max was a cunning secret agent. He entered Ausable’s room secretly with an automatic pistol. He wanted to take important documents from the room. But Ausable made him believe that there was a balcony outside the window. He was fooled by Ausable about the police. To escape himself from the police, Max dropped himself to the balcony and died.

(iii) What was the cause of Matilda’s ceaseless suffering? (The Necklace)
Answer – Matilda was a very beautiful and pretty lady. She wanted to live a life of comforts and luxuries. But she was married to a clerk. She lived in a simple house. She led an ordinary life. All this made her very sad. Her discontentment with life was the cause of her ceaseless suffering.

(iv) What is Think-Tank’s second guess about books? (The Book That Saved the Earth)
Answer – Think-Tank looks at the books with the help of his remote camera. His second guess about the books is that they are communication devices. He orders Omega to listen to them. Omega follows his orders. But he is unable to hear any sound. He replies Think-Tank that they may not be on the correct frequency.

12. Prove the following quotation true in the context of ‘The Thief’s Story’ :
“Trust and the spirit to forgive someone can change a person.” (6 Marks)
Answer – ‘The Thief’s Story’ presents the story of a fifteen year old thief boy Hari Singh and a writer named Anil. Anil is a simple-hearted and easy-going man. Hari Singh finds him as an easy target for his purpose of stealing. Anil trusts him and gives him a job to cook food for him. Anil teaches him to read and write. One day Anil brings some money at home. The thief boy steals 600 rupees and runs away. But he is unable to board the train. He feels that Anil is the only person whom he can trust. He thinks that when Anil will come to know of the theft, he will feel very sad not for the loss of money but for the loss of trust. So he decides to come back. He puts the money back under the mattress. Anil knows all this. But he is a kind-hearted man. He says nothing to the boy. Rather he promises to pay him regularly. His behaviour brings out a change in the life of the thief boy. Thus the following statement is quite true in the context of this chapter :
“Trust and the spirit to forgive someone can change a person.”


How did the teacher help Bholi to become a confident girl? (Bholi)
Answer – Bholi was the youngest child of Ramlal. She was neither intelligent nor beautiful. Nobody talked to her with love. She was a backward child. She had pock marks on her face. On the first day of school, she was frightened. All students laughed at her when she was unable to pronounce her name properly. But her teacher spoke to her in a soft and soothing voice. The teacher’s behaviour touched her heart. The teacher advised her to come to school regularly. Then she would be more learned than anyone else in the village. She assured her that she would be able to speak without a stammer and everybody would listen to her with respect. Her words became a new hope for Bholi. She became a confident girl. She refused to marry Bishamber Nath. She decided to serve her parents in their old age. She proved herself the teacher’s masterpiece.

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