HBSE Class 11th English Sample Paper 2024 Answer

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HBSE Class 11th English Sample / Model Paper 2024 Answer

Class – 11th               Subject – English
Time : 3 Hours            Maximum Marks : 80

General Instructions :
(i) The Question Paper contains four Sections – A, B, C and D.
(ii) The Section-A (Reading Skills) carry 15 Marks, Section-B (Grammar) carry 10 Marks, Section-C (Writing Skills) carry 15 Marks, and Section-D (Literature) carry 40 Marks.
(iii) Attempt questions based on specific instructions for each part.

SECTION – A (Reading Skills) – 15 Marks

1. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions : (10 Marks)
Attempt any one from (A) and (B) given below.
(A) High-altitude climbing is still a very dangerous task despite the availability of oxygen masks and other protective equipment which modern climbers take with them. These, of course, are indispensable accessories of climbing, but more important than these is the stamina of the climber which ultimately determines the success of his attempt. Throughout his journey, death is his constant companion which he can keep at a distance only with his superb presence of mind. He has to tread every inch of the ground with the utmost care, for a false step may not only strike him a fatal blow but also bring disaster to the whole expedition. That is why all expeditions invariably take with them local guides who are experienced climbers and who have a thorough knowledge of the nature of the terrain. Moreover, a huge amount of capital is needed for financing these expeditions, and this is generally provided by governments or rich private organizations.
The primary objective of the mountaineering expedition is to get to the top of a high mountain, which, in the past has withstood all attempts to conquer it. But it should not be presumed that the expedition is a complete failure if it does not reach its destination. Sometimes operations are temporarily suspended because of bad weather, loss of some valuable equipment, or the sudden death of a very important member of the party.
Every big expedition takes with it men who are interested in botany, geology & various other branches of science, and these men carry with them equipment for recording their observations concerning the weather, the terrain & different forms of life in higher altitudes. Other scientists, explorers & expeditionists utilize the fruits of their observations. Thus, every unsuccessful expedition contributes to the success of later expeditions. The British Expedition led by colonel Hunt would have found their way to Everest much more difficult had not earlier expeditions armed them with useful knowledge about the death-dealing weather which they had to encounter in the Vicinity of the summit.
Questions :
(i) Stamina is the most important thing for a climber as it ……………
(a) Protects him from bad weather
(b) Provides the oxygen needed
(c) Decides the success of his endeavor
(d) Gives him huge amount of capital
Answer – (c) Decides the success of his endeavor

(ii) What can bring disaster to the whole expedition ?
(a) false step
(b) Experienced climber
(c) A local guide
(d) Government
Answer – (a) false step

(iii) …………….. is a branch of biology that deals with the study of plants.
(a) Geology
(b) Botany
(c) Both
(d) None
Answer – (b) Botany

(iv) Which of these statements is not true about the mountaineering expedition.
(a) High altitude climbing is very risky
(b) Expeditions are suspended because of bad weather
(c) Colonel Hunt led the British expedition
(d) Sudden death of a very important member of the party does not affect the expedition.
Answer – (d) Sudden death of a very important member of the party does not affect the expedition.

(v) During the mountaineering expedition a climber always remains in the grip of death. How does he save himself ?
(a) By taking right decision at right time
(b) By worshipping
(c) By taking a deep breath
(d) All of the above
Answer – (a) By taking right decision at right time

(vi) The first and foremost aim of a mountaineering expedition is …………….
Answer – To get to the top of a high mountain which has not yet been explored/conquered

(vii) Find the synonym of ‘climb / overcome’ from the passage.
Answer – Conquer

(viii) Why do the mountaineers hire a local guide ?
Answer – Experienced climber/through knowledge of area/terrain

(ix) A lot of money is needed in a mountaineering expedition. Who finances these expeditions ?
Answer – Government or rich private organization

(x) Replace the underlined word with its synonym from the passage.
He had to face the bad weather in Leh.
Answer – Encounter


(B) Reading Comprehension (RC, as it is normally called) is the most peculiar section in almost all scholastic, entrance and employment tests. The skills in RC make a lot of difference to one’s chances of good grades/selection.
Most students find it difficult to tackle topics that are diverse from the field they are in or they are comfortable with. So one needs to develop a taste for even the most obscure and boring topic on this planet. For success in RC one should be able to understand. And even with an average speed one can succeed if one implements the strategies.
Broadly speaking, RC passages can be classified in a few categories. Fact based RC is the simplest form of RC. These types of passages have lot of information in the form of names, numbers etc. In this type of passages one should read very fast.
Don’t try to memorize any facts, numbers or names etc. In fact there is no need to even remember them. Just make yourself familiar with the structure of the passage. Just see in which paragraph author is talking about what. Mark it. Then when you go to the questions, identify in which paragraph information regarding that question is mentioned. Go to that paragraph, read the numbers, names etc. and mark the answer.
Inference based RC is the toughest form of RC. Here the passage is fairly tough to understand. This includes passages on topics like Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy, etc. Most of the students will be comfortable attempting these passages at least in RC. The reading speed is fairly slow in this type of passages. The way to master this type of passages is to read them again and again while practising.
Topic based RC includes passages on any particular topic like economics, astrology, medical science, etc. Generally what makes -these passages tough is usage of technical terms. If a topic is new to us then presence of technical term scares us even if they are defined in the passage. For success in this type of passages we need to have a fan-understanding of the definition of the term if it is defined in the passage. Read that definition twice if you need to. But don’t worry about technical terms if they are not defined in the passage. Assume them to be non-existent and proceed. Key principle in these passages is that don’t go to the next line unless the previous line is clear.
Reading passage first and then questions is the most popular strategy for RC. While answering the question you may come back to the passage to find answer as you have just read the passage initially and not crammed it. But you should not come back for each and every question. If you come back for majority of questions then you haven’t read the passage properly. The key to success for this strategy is that you should understand the passage very well. We will suggest students to follow this technique from the beginning and work upon this.
Reading questions first and then passage is the strategy followed by a few students. They just look at the questions and not options. The objective is that after seeing the questions when you read the passage then you read only that part carefully where the answer is given. The flaw with this is that you will not be able to remember all the questions. Besides this, this strategy fails when there are questions that require understanding of the passage.
Questions :
(i) Most students find Reading Comprehension difficult because ……………
(a) the language is tough
(b) the vocabulary is difficult
(c) the style is too involved
(d) the topics are unrelated to their interest
Answer – (d) the topics are unrelated to their interest

(ii) Fact based RC is the easiest because ……………
(a) it is written in simple language
(b) there are no allusions
(c) it contains information
(d) it can be memorised easily
Answer – (c) it contains information

(iii) For answering a question on RC, one should ……………
(a) memorise the facts, figures, etc.
(b) mark what the author is talking about in the para
(c) mark the essential details of the passage
(d) remember the names, numbers, etc.
Answer – (b) mark what the author is talking about in the para

(iv) Topic based RC is tough as …………..
(a) it contains technical terms
(b) it is based on different topics
(c) it demands instant understanding
(d) one can’t read them fast enough
Answer – (a) it contains technical terms

(v) Careful reading of the passage is essential for ……………
(a) answering difficult questions
(b) saving time and effort
(c) proper understanding and answering correctly
(d) selective identification of relevant parts
Answer – (c) proper understanding and answering correctly

(vi) What should one do for finding the right answers ?
Answer – One should mark what the author is talking about in para.

(vii) Why is topic based RC tough ?
Answer – Topic based RC is tough as it contains technical terms.

(viii) Which step is considered more essential for finding right answers? Why ?
Answer – Careful reading of the passage is essential for proper understanding and answering correctly.

(ix) What is the most popular strategy for solving Reading Comprehension (RC) ?
Answer – Reading passage first and then question is the most popular strategy for solving RC.

(x) Find the words similar in the meaning ‘different’ from the para 2 of passage.
Answer – Diverse

2. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow : (5 Marks)
Why don’t I have a telephone? Not because I pretend to be wise or pose as unusual. There are two chief reasons: because I don’t really like the telephone, and because I find I can still work and play, eat, breathe, and sleep without it. Why don’t I like the telephone? Because I think it is a pest and a time waster. It may create unnecessary suspense and anxiety, as you wait for an unexpected call that doesn’t come; or irritating delay, as when you keep ringing a number that is always engaged. As for speaking in a public telephone box, you are half asphyxiated by stale, unventilated air, flavored with cheap powered and chain smoking; and by the time you have begun conversation your back is chilled by the cold looks of somebody who is fidgeting to take your place. If you have a telephone in your house, you will admit that it tends to ring when you least want it- when you are asleep, or in the middle of a meal or a conversation, or when you are just going out, or when you are in your bath. You think that there may be some important news or message for you. But you find that it was just a wrong number. If like me , one is without a telephone, somebody is sure to say “then you must have a typewriter”..My answer is ‘No’. “What, no telephone and no typewriter! Do please explain why”.
I am a man of letters. I don’t enjoy typing. I enjoy forming letters or words with a pen, and I could never enjoy tapping the keys of a typewriter. And the fact is, I am not mechanically minded, and the typewriter is a machine. I have never been drawn to machines. I do not like oiling, cleaning, or mending them. I do not enjoy making them work. And machines do not like me. When I touch them, they break down, get jammed, catch fire, or blow up.
Based on the understanding of the passage, make notes using headings and sub headings or in points. Use recognizable abbreviations (wherever necessary, minimum four). Also supply an appropriate title to it.
Answer –
Notes :
(1) The Au. Doesn’t Like A Tele.
1.1 two chief reasons
1.2 pest and time waster
1.3 create unnecessary suspense & anxiety
1.4 irrit.
1.5 Prob. Of wrong no.
(2) The Au. Doesn’t Like A Typwr.
2.1 doesn’t like typing
2.2 tapping on keys irrit.
2.3 not oiling, cleaning, mending
(3) What The Au. Likes
3.1 words with pen
3.2 not mechanically minded
Title : Telephone And Typewriter
Abbreviations :
Au —– author
Typwr —– typewriter
Tele —– telephone
Prob —– problem
Irrit. —– irritating

SECTION – B (Grammar) – 10 Marks

3. Do any ten. Do as directed :
(i) He ………… (live) here since 1990. (correct form of verb)
Answer – Has been living

(ii) When I reached there he …………. (chop) the vegetables. (correct form of verb)
Answer – Was chopping

(iii) This jug contains water. (Change the voice)
Answer – Water is contained in this jug.

(iv) We chose him the monitor of the class. (Change the voice)
Answer – He was chosen the monitor of the class.

(v) The accident was so lethal that there is …………. chance of his survival. (little / a little)
Answer – little

(vi) There was ………….. milk left in the glass. (Many / Much)
Answer – much

(vii) When he was young, he …………. lift 80 kg. (ability of the past)
Answer – could

(viii) This medicine ………….. be kept away from the reach of the children. (must / can / ought to)
Answer – ought to

(ix) Combine the following sentences.
He is poor. He is honest.
Answer – Although he is poor yet he is honest.

(x) Identify the underlined clause.
I don’t know what she said.
Answer – Noun clause

(xi) Fill in the blank with suitable article.
The more, ………… merrier.
Answer – the

(xii) Fill in the blank with suitable article.
He met ………… American yesterday.
Answer – an

SECTION – C (Writing Skills) – 15 Marks

4. Attempt any one from (A), (B) and (C) given below : (5 Marks)
(A) You are Rohit/Muskan, the secretary of Kayampura Society, Mahendergarh. There will be no water supply in your society for two days due to the maintenance work of water supply line. Draft a notice in not more than 50 words to be put up on the Society’s notice board informing the residents about the same.
Answer –


Date : 15 March 20xx
Dear Residents,
Please be informed that there will be no water supply in the society for the next two days due to maintenance work on the water supply line. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.
Kayampura Society



(B) You want a suitable match for your son. Draft an advertisement to be published under matrimonial columns in an esteemed newspaper. (Word Limit : 50)
Answer –


Seeking a suitable match for our son, 28 years old, well-educated and established in his career. We are a respected family looking for a compatible partner from a similar background. Interested families, please contact us with bio-data and recent photographs. Email : abcxyz@gmail.com



(C) Design a poster urging the people not to use polybags as they are hazardous for all living beings.
Answer –

5. Attempt any one from (A) and (B) given below : (5 Marks)
(A) The electric fan in your classroom is out of order/has broken down. As it is summer season, it is hard to sit in the classroom and pay attention to your studies. As the monitor of your class, write an application in 100-120 words to the Principal of your school requesting him/her to get a new electric fan installed in your classroom.
Answer –
The Principal
ABC School
Charkhi Dadri
Subject : Request for Installation of a New Electric Fan in the Classroom
Respected Principal,
I am writing this application on behalf of my classmates to bring to your attention the issue of the non-functioning electric fan in our classroom. With the summer season at its peak, it has become extremely difficult for us to concentrate on our studies in the sweltering heat.
We kindly request you to consider installing a new electric fan in our classroom to provide us with a conducive learning environment. This small gesture will greatly improve our comfort and focus during classes.
We hope you will consider our request and take necessary action at the earliest convenience. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Class XI


(B) You bought a Mobile phone from M/s Sonu Eletronics and Computers, Satnali Square, Shop No. 23, M/Garh. For few months the mobile worked properly. But now it has started giving trouble. Pointing out the defect/s , write a letter of complaint in 100-120 words to the dealer requesting him/her to repair or replace the set. You are Parveen/Sarla.
Answer –

123, XYZ Street

Date : [Today’s Date]

The Manager
Sonu Electronics

Subject : Complaint regarding faulty mobile phone
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to bring to your attention the issues I have been facing with the mobile phone I purchased from your store a few months ago. The phone has recently started giving me trouble, and I believe it is defective. The specific issues I have been experiencing include frequent freezing, battery drainage, and network connectivity problems.
I am requesting that you kindly repair or replace the set as soon as possible. I have always been a loyal customer of your store and have never faced any issues with your products before. I hope you will take prompt action to resolve this matter and provide me with a fully functional mobile phone.
I look forward to your immediate attention to this matter.

6. Attempt any one from (A) and (B) given below : (5 Marks)
(A) A Blood Donation Camp was organized by Asian Club of your society in aid of the earthquake affected people of Turkey. As the correspondent of a local daily, write a report in 100-120 words.
Answer –

Blood Donation Camp
Report by
Asian Club

1st September 20xx
The Asian Club of our society organized a Blood Donation Camp in aid of the earthquake affected people of Turkey. The event saw a large turnout of enthusiastic donors, all eager to contribute to the relief efforts. Members of the club worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of the camp, from registration to post-donation care. The generous donations will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the lives of those affected by the recent disaster. The club’s president expressed gratitude to all the donors and emphasized the importance of such initiatives in times of crisis. The event was a true testament to the spirit of community and solidarity in our society. A total of 250 people donated blood at the camp. The camp was a great success. The Asian Club honoured the blood donors with mementos and certificates.



(B) Write an article in 100 to 120 words on “The Importance of Yoga in daily life”.
Answer –

Importance of Yoga

Yoga has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. The practice of yoga offers a multitude of benefits for both the body and mind, making it an important addition to daily life. Not only does yoga improve flexibility and strength, but it also promotes relaxation and reduces stress. In today’s fast-paced world, taking the time to practice yoga can provide a much-needed escape from the chaos of everyday life. Additionally, yoga encourages mindfulness and self-awareness, helping individuals to stay grounded and present in the moment. Whether it’s through a gentle flow or a challenging sequence, incorporating yoga into daily life can lead to improved physical and mental well-being. The practice of yoga is not just a form of exercise, but a way of life that promotes balance and harmony in all aspects of life.

SECTION – D (Literature) – 40 Marks

7. Attempt any one of the two extracts (A) and (B) given below : (5 Marks)
(A) Read the extract given below :
Then sleek as lizard, and alert and abrupt,
She enters the thickness, and a machine starts up
Chitterlings, and a tremor of wings, trillings
The whole tree trembles and thrills
Is the engine of her family.
Questions :
(i) Who is ‘she’ in this extract ?
(a) The poet
(b) goldfinch
(c) peacock
(d) the poet’s wife
Answer – (b) goldfinch

(ii) The poetic device used in ‘sleek as lizard’ is
(a) simile
(b) personification
(c) metaphor
(d) alliteration
Answer – (a) simile

(iii) On the basis of the extract, study the two statements, I and II given below;
I. The bird’s movement has been compared to that of a lizard’s
II. The bird is the engine of her family.
Choose the correct option :
(a) I can be inferred but II can’t
(b) II can be inferred but I can’t
(c) Both I and II can be inferred
(d) Both I and II can’t be inferred
Answer – (c) Both I and II can be inferred

(iv) Choose the correct option.
(a) The Laburnum Top — Ted Hughes
(b) The Laburnum Top — William Wordsworth
(c) The Laburnum Top — Shirley Toulson
(d) The Laburnum Top — Elizabeth Jennings
Answer – (a) The Laburnum Top — Ted Hughes

(v) Complete the following analogy by choosing the correct option :
Alert : Vigilant : : abrupt : ………….
(a) Sudden
(b) gradual
(c) tremble
(d) polite
Answer – (a) Sudden


(B) Read the extract given below :
Where did my childhood go?
Was it the day I ceased to be eleven,
Was it the time I realized that Hell and Heaven,
Could not be found in Geography,
And therefore could not be, Was that the day
Questions :
(i) The poet thinks that Hell and Heaven ………….
(a) do not exist
(b) can be found in Geography
(c) are located in a remote area
(d) none of the above
Answer – (a) do not exist

(ii) At this age the poet has become …………
(a) irrational
(b) rational
(c) astrologer
(d) Scholar in Geography
Answer – (b) rational

(iii) Find the incorrect statement :
(a) The poet realizes that his childhood has gone.
(b) He is eleven years old.
(c) The poet can differentiate between fact and fiction.
(d) He is credulous.
Answer – (d) He is credulous.

(iv) Who is ‘I’ in this extract ?
(a) Markus Natten
(b) Shirley Toulson
(c) Coates Kinney
(d) Elizabeth Jennings
Answer – (a) Markus Natten

(v) On the basis of the extract, study the two statements, I and II given below;
I. The poet is looking for his childhood days.
II. The poet has become rational.
Choose the correct option :
(a) I can be inferred but II can’t
(b) II can be inferred but I can’t
(c) Both I and II can be inferred
(d) Both I and II cannot be inferred
Answer – (c) Both I and II can be inferred

8. Attempt any one of the two extracts (A) and (B) given below : (5 Marks)
(A) Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow :
The next phase: scanning the mummies with a portable CT machine donated by the National Geographic Society and Siemens its manufacturer. King Tut is one of the first mummies to be scanned–in death as in life, moving regally ahead of his countrymen. A CT machine scanned the mummy head to toe, creating 1,700 digital X-ray images in cross section. Tut’s head scanned in 0.62 millimetre slices to register its intricate strictures, takes on eerie details in the resulting image.
Questions :
(i) In CT Machine, CT stands for
(a) Computer Technology
(b) Computed Tomography
(c) Compromising Technology
(d) Circumvented Technology
Answer – (b) Computed Tomography

(ii) On the basis of the extract, study the two statements, I and II given below :
I. Siemens is the Manufacturer of Portable CT machine
II. King Tut’s mummy was the last mummy scanned in a CT machine
(a) I can be inferred but II can’t
(b) II can be inferred but I can’t
(c) Both I and II can be inferred
(d) Both I and II cannot be inferred
Answer – (a) I can be inferred but II can’t

(iii) Who is the author of this extract ?
(a) Khushwant Singh
(b) Gordon Cook and Alan East
(c) A.R. Williams
(d) Jayant Narlikar
Answer – (c) A.R. Williams

(iv) Change the underlined word with its synonym by choosing correct option :
Old age is the final stage of life.
(a) regally
(b) ahead
(c) Phase
(d) eerie
Answer – (c) Phase

(v) What role did the National Geograply Society and Siemens play in the project ?
(a) They charged money for the CT machine.
(b) They donated CT machine for the project.
(c) They made palanquin to carry Tut’s body from his tomb.
(d) All of the above
Answer – (b) They donated CT machine for the project.


(B) Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow :
Tsetan took me to Darchen medical collage the following morning. The medical college at Darchen was new and looked like a monastery from the outside with a very solid door that led into a large courtyard. We found the consulting room which was dark and cold occupied by a Tibetan doctor who wore none of the paraphernalia that I’d been expecting. No white coat , he looked like other Tibetan with a thick pullover and a wooly hat. When I explained my sleepless symptoms and my sudden aversion to lying down, he shot me a few questions while feeling the veins in my wrist.
Questions :
(i) Find the correct statement
(a) Tsetan took the author to a monastery
(b) Tsetan took the author to a medical college
(c) The doctor was in the dress which the author had expected
(d) The consulting room was quite warm
Answer – (b) Tsetan took the author to a medical college

(ii) Choose the antonym of ‘liking’ from the options given below :
(a) Aversion
(b) symptoms
(c) occupied
(d) paraphernalia
Answer – (a) Aversion

(iii) Why was the writer taken to the hospital ?
(a) Because he wanted to visit the hospital
(b) Because he was ill
(c) Because Tsetan had some important work at the hospital
(d) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’
Answer – (b) Because he was ill

(iv) How did the hospital look ?
(a) It looked like a monastery
(b) It looked like a Church
(c) It looked like a mosque
(d) It looked like a hospital
Answer – (a) It looked like a monastery

(v) Identify the author of the above extract :
(a) Khushwant Singh
(b) Nick Middleton
(c) A.R. Williams
(d) None of the above
Answer – (b) Nick Middleton

9. Attempt any four question in 30-40 words : (2 × 4 = 8 Marks)
(i) How did the sparrows express their sorrow when the author’s grandmother died ?
Answer – When the grandmother died, thousands of sparrows sat silently surrounding the dead body of the author’s grandmother. There was no chirruping. The author’s mother threw some crumbs of bread to them. They took no notice of them. As soon as the grandmother’s corpse was carried off, they flew away quietly. Thus the sparrows expressed their sorrow.

(ii) Suppose you run a pet shop. You have to sell the Tibetan mastiff to a customer. State any two qualities of the dog taking cues from the lesson ‘Silk Road’.
Answer – The Tibetan mastiff is a large and powerful dog breed known for its loyalty and protective nature. It was originally bred by nomadic cultures along the Silk Road to protect livestock and property, making it an excellent guard dog. Additionally, the Tibetan mastiff is known for its thick, weather-resistant coat, which allows it to thrive in harsh mountainous terrain, making it a great choice for customers living in colder climates.

(iii) King Tut was buried with gilded treasure and with the things of everyday use. What was the belief of the people of ancient Egypt behind this ?
Answer – The people of ancient Egypt believed in resurrection of the dead. Their kings were extremely rich. So Tut’s body was buried with gilded treasures. Their eternal brilliance was meant to guarantee resurrection. Things of everyday use were also buried with the king.

(iv) Describe Wave Walker.
Answer – Wavewalker was a 23 meter long, 30 ton wooden-hulled boat in which the author along with his family had to undertake round-the-world voyage. It had been professionally built. The author and his family spent months fitting it out and testing it in the roughest weather they could find.

(v) Name any three parts of a ship/boat. For example deck, wheel ………..
Answer – Hull, Engine room, Bow, Stern, Starboard and Port.

10. Attempt any two questions in 30-40 words. (3 × 2 = 6 Marks)
(i) Explain “Both wry with the labored ease of loss”. (A Photograph)
Answer – The line refers to the sea holiday as remembered by her mother and the poet remembering her mother’s laughing face. Both these now belong to the past. Her mother is no more now. The memories in both the cases were beautiful yet painful to recall as time has paced away fast.

(ii) How does the rain describe itself? (voice of the Rain)
Answer – The rain describes herself as the poem of earth. She rise from land and bottomless oceans. She gets transformed in clouds and descend back to earth and wash the droughts, dust particles and atoms in the earth. She also give life to the unborn hidden seeds and purify and beautify her birthplace.

(iii) Why is the image of engine evoked by the poet ?
Answer – The engine is the source of energy to run machine. It is compared to bird as she is too a source of energy for her family. As without engine a machine can’t work in the same without a bird her family can’t survive.

11. Attempt any three questions in 30-40 words. (2 × 3 = 6 Marks)
(i) How did Aram react when he saw the horse? Why could he not believe his eyes ?
Answer – When the narrator (Aram) looked out of the window he saw his cousin Mourad sitting on a magnificent white horse. He couldn’t believe his eyes as he was extremely shocked and confused to see the horse there. He knew that they could not afford the horse as they belonged to the poor Garoghlanian tribe.

(ii) Was the king of Melon city just and placid or foolish? Support your answer with evidence from the lesson. (Tale of Melon City)
Answer – The king was regarded as a foolish ruler. The King of Melon city announced that a big arch would be built to improve the situation of the people. However, the arch was built slightly low. When the king tried to pass through the arch, his crown stumbled and fell down. As a just judge, he ordered the guilty person or thing to be hanged. His idea of justice had no bounds. As a result, he was hanged himself.

(iii) Give a brief account of Mrs. Dorling. (The Address)
Answer – Mrs. Dorling is a character in the short story “The Address” by Marga Minco. She is an elderly woman who lives alone in a small apartment in Amsterdam. Mrs. Dorling is described as being somewhat reclusive and solitary, with no family or friends to visit her. She is also portrayed as being somewhat forgetful and absent-minded, often losing track of time and forgetting to eat or take care of herself. Despite her forgetfulness, she is shown to be kind and caring, as she takes in the protagonist, a young Jewish girl, during the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam. Mrs. Dorling provides the girl with shelter and comfort, showing her compassion and generosity despite her own difficult circumstances.

(iv) From where did Mrs. Fitzgerald learn the magic ?
Answer – Mrs Pearson asks where she learnt the art of telling fortune. Mrs Fitzgerald replies that she learnt it from the East. It took twelve years to learn this art. Her husband served there in the army.

12. Attempt any one of the following A and B given below in 100-120 words. (5 Marks)
(A) Draw the pen portrait of the author’s grandmother. (The Portrait of a Lady)
Answer – Grandmother was a wrinkled elderly lady not much older. She was overweight and bent. Since she always wore a white Saree and silver hair, the narrator compares her to a “winter landscape in the highlands”. Her face is soothing and nice. She was highly religious, kind hearted but a conservative lady. She was a very religious lady. She was always telling the beads of her rosary. She had compassion even for animals and birds. She fed the village dogs. She took to feeding the sparrows in the city. She didn’t like English language and science. She hated music.


(B) What difference did you notice between the reaction of the adults and the children when faced with danger? (We Are Not Afraid To Die… If We Can All be Together)
Answer – There was lot of difference between the way in which the adults and children reacted when they faced danger. The adults lost hope and waited for their end with a heavy heart. At this point they were motivated by the children. The children offered moral support to the adults. They displayed maturity and tolerance. Jonathan expressed his fearlessness and courage when he said that they were not afraid of dying if they all could be together. Sue expressed her love and gratitude for her parents by making a greeting card. She was strong enough not to let her parents know about her serious injuries. She did not want to bother her parents at the time of crisis.

13. Attempt any one of the following A and B given below in 100-120 words. (5 Marks)
(A) Compare and contrast the characters of Mrs. Pearson and Mrs. Fitzgerald. (Mother’s Day)
Answer – The two ladies are diametrically opposed. Mrs Pearson, who is in her forties, has a nice but troubled appearance. Her tone is light and flustered, and she has a suburban accent. Mrs Fitzgerald is older than Mrs Pearson and has a commanding and threatening demeanour. Her voice has an Irish timbre and is thick and deep.


(B) What efforts were made by Dr. Andrews to revive the still born baby? (Birth)
Answer – Andrew initially saved Susan, then attempted to resuscitate the lifeless baby. He wrapped the infant in a blanket and breathed for it artificially. His second attempt was to alternately dip the baby in hot and cold water. He then used a rough towel to rub the slick child. Finally, Andrew pushed and released the baby’s chest until it began to breathe, indicating that it had a chance of survival.

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